Hirose Broker Review

Hirose Broker

Part of the Hirose Tusyo Group of Japan, Hirose Financial UK is an award winning top 10 online forex broker that is based in London and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The group is certainly a leading brokerage firm as the group monthly turnover is currently tagged at more than $200 billion a month. Founded in 2004 in 2004, Hirose Financial UK currently boast of having more than 120 thousands clients worldwide. Apart from offering trading services in spot forex, Hirose Financial UK is also one the very few dedicated forex broker who are offering their clients the opportunity to trade in binaries. Just launched a few months, Hirose Financial UK is already establishing itself a primary player in binary trading industry as well.

Hirose Broker

Trading Platforms

To cater to the different needs of their clients, Hirose Financial UK provided their clients with 5 different types of trading platforms. Beside from having the widely accepted MetaTrader 4 platform, Hirose Financial UK have also provided their clients with the use of the their own proprietary platform, the powerful LIONTrader (ActTrader). The platform features benefits such as:

Hirose Broker platforms

  • No lag execution
  • One Click Trading
  • Flexible Trading Size
  • Competitive Spreads
  • 50 Technical Indicators
  • Ideal for Hedging and Scalping


LION Binary Platform

While binaries is not a core business of Hirose Financial UK, the service is worth mentioning as the features provided by this broker is actually ground breaking. First of all, their binary platform allowed traders to trade with as little as $1/-! Considering the fact that most binary brokers require their clients to invest a minimum of $25/-, being able to invest in the forex market with just $1/- is practically unheard off until Hirose Financial UK came along.

Trading Account

Opening a trading account with Hirose Financial UK is free and the minimum deposit requirement is only $10. Although there is no different classification of trading accounts, traders nevertheless have the option to open a separate trading account if they so choose with a different currency base from their initial account.

Spreads Payable & Bonuses

Hirose Financial UK is committed to providing their clients with the lowest possible spreads. Hence, it is not surprising to find that their minimum spread for the majors start from as low as 0.7 pips (USD/JPY). With over 15 top tier liquidity providers, traders can be assured of getting the best spreads from this broker.

Customer Support

Depending on where the client is located, the service hours for customer support can be 24 hours or from 9am to 6pm (GMT). Access to support is by means of email, fax, phone or Skype. The response time for the support team to response is usually no more than 10 minutes (email). By most standards, this kind of response time is above par. Another factor which speaks in favour of Hirose Financial UK is the fact that customer support is provided in 5 major languages namely:


  • Chinese
  • English
  • Indonesian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

The Bottom Line

As part of a long established group, Hirose Financial UK is well backed financially and is a safe broker for traders to deal with. Bearing in mind that the Japanese are a world leader in technical innovations, traders can be assured of the broker’s proprietary platform performing as efficiently as the MetaTrader 4 platform. Furthermore, with the low competitive spreads provided, traders can be certain that they will be receiving the best value for their money.


In terms of reliability, Hirose Financial UK is one of the highly regarded online forex brokerage in the industry. With more than a decade of operational history behind them, this broker has proven itself countless times to be reliable and dependable. Their unblemished reputation is one of the main reasons why they have managed to build its business up to a monthly turnover of $200 billion. In fact, there are not many online brokers around which can claim this kind of trading volume.



  • 24 Hours Support
  • Fast Execution
  • Safety of Funds
  • Support Mobile Trading
  • Competitive Low Spreads
  • High Payouts for Binaries
  • Low Minimum Trade Requirement of $1 for Binaries
  • User Friendly Trading Platform


  • Limited number of assets for binary trading
  • No ECN Account