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Goptions Review

SO many brokers, so many reviews! How can you choose? Well let us do the legwork for you. Read this review for broker Goptions, trade with them and let us have your feedback. So far all the user feedback and reviews have been excellent for Goptions, with the main features mentioned again and again: free signals, mobile trading and same day withdrawals.

I have recently opened an account with GOptions, I have traded, profited and even made withdrawals from (lucky me), which I have to tell you is a lot more than the binary options portals out there do when reviewing. So here it is:

Layout and User Friendliness

The overall layout of GOptions is really bright and clean. Very inviting! Finally a Binary Options broker who understands design! There are rolling prices, interesting videos and great educational information available, along with all the accounts on offer and ways to trade.

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Number of Assets has the most assets available of any spot broker out there. There are over 200 assets to trade here! Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Indices, truly fantastic! Asian markets, European markets and US markets available Monday to Friday, along with Middle Eastern trading and Indices available on Sunday’s                                                                                         

Payout use a simple way to show the payout percentage on each asset there is to trade. They have some interesting ways to trade with an Pro Trader feature which was quite incredible, you can trade Binary Options with this Broker and Platform and treat it like forex by using the buy me out/sell early feature. GOptions offer 85% on the above below options, the highest in the industry today! Amazingly you can get 90% payout on multi assets by being a VIP account holder with this Binary Options Broker. A full 5% more than any other Binary Options Platform!

Strike Price uses an “aggregated data feed” meaning fortunately that this Binary Options Broker are as close to “market Price” as possible when looking at and trading the charts. Another exclusive side of this Binary Options Platform is that offers you a “Cancel” button feature, meaning that even if you take the wrong trade you can cancel it. Original and extremely helpful!

Expiry Price

Unlike all other Binary Option Brokers and Binary Option Platforms comes at us with yet another exclusive and original way of operating a Binary Trading Platform. They guarantee their expiration prices. Truly unique, an industry first and about time too! To have expiration guaranteed is just amazing, as it means truly for the first time a Binary Options Trader can know with 100% certainty that the prices they receive are in fact the real prices of the market.

Banking Speed and Transparency

These guys are leading the way once again when it comes to Binary Options. They guarantee same day withdrawals!!! Truly unheard of and never achieved at any time guarantees to send and process your withdrawal request within 24 hours. No more waiting for funds. No more games. Guaranteed British banking efficiency at its best!

Sales Service and Support (S.S.S)

The moment I registered on I received a simple and informative email from them with my account info. After browsing a little on site, the live chat support invited me to speak with them if I needed any help or advice which I thought was nicely done and again unique. After a brief chat I requested a call, and this particular Binary Options Broker have some of the most sensible, friendly and knowledgeable staff I have ever spoken to in regards to actual Binary Options Trading. Great experience, I was left fully set up and thoroughly taken care of.

Bonus Management

goptions bonusWell judging from the image, need I say more? 100% welcome bonus. Excellent for newbies to practice and what professional trader doesn’t want his capital doubled without the risk of using leverage. Bonus volume is reasonable and clear.

Quality of Trading Charts

The charts are probably the best to use in terms of actual real trading with Binary Options. You can expand your view, use pro charts to take amore pro view or even use pro free charts like netdania in conjunction with the site itself. As the prices are so clear and clean it’s probably the only Binary Options Broker and Binary Options Platform that you can do that with successfully.

Business Location is a rare breed indeed. The company behind the brand has a real office and location in the heart of London, the business is registered in the UK meaning payments and processing and operations area safer for the client to use. The staff are mostly British and amazingly some are in satellite style locations worldwide meaning you have true 24 hour coverage and support from them. More than anything the brutal honesty and transparency of all of this information, and the way this Binary Options Broker makes it all se readily available is very encouraging for any new trader looking to get into Binary Options trading, or for any existing Binary Options Trader seeking to gain further greater results.

The Bottom Line

GOptions.Com receives a real A* value and massive round of applause. Not looking to be the biggest or greatest known Binary Options Broker and Binary Options Platform means they focus on what really counts. The clients and their experience while trading with them. Fantastic scores all round for GOptions and I am currently very happy putting in and taking out funds with them over the last few months.



American flag

Accepts US Traders

Payouts: Up to 85%

Minimum Deposit: $200

Regulation: In process of getting CySEC Regulated

Platform type:

Binary options

Sixty Seconds

Options Builder


PRO Trader

Extra features:

  • Free trading signals
  • Mobile trading
  • Same day withdrawals
  • Market news, videos and blog

goptions bonus

Want 100% trading bonus into your account? Who doesn’t. look no further than Goptions.Excellent for newbies to practice and what professional trader doesn’t want his capital doubled without the risk of using leverage.



1. Mary S 

I love this platform, i use the protrader and usually the 60 second platform, perfect for when i’m home with the baby 🙂

2. SteveTrader

I made $750 in 4 hours, I am giving up forex for good

3. Sammy B

In one day I opened an account, traded and withdrew money from my account, a good day!