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Eclipse Finance Introduction

Since lots of binary options brokers have sprung up in the financial market, it would be too challenging for you to choose one that is guaranteed to give you honest, efficient and transparent service. In this regard, please allow me to do the job for you. This broker review contains everything I know about Eclipse Finance. So far, all the reviews and user feedback I got about this broker have been positive and encouraging, with almost all of the reviews not failing to notice the platform’s main features. Here are a few of them:

  • ­ Amazing, one of a kind, diversity of account packages and services to suit any kind of trader or investor
  • ­ Unique system allowing same day withdrawals
  • ­ Great live chat/ email or phone support ­ it’s clear that the company employs professionals

Eclipse Finance Hoempage

It is good to know that a London-based binary options broker has finally emerged in the market. What’s more exciting about it is this broker is established by Herrolds Capital LLP, which is a financial service company that is surely more than capable of providing solid financial assistance. I actually, have an account with Eclipse Finance. I have traded with them, made a some profit from my trading and was able to withdraw my profits plus the initial investment. By trading with Eclipse Finance, I would be proud to say that I’m one of the few lucky traders who have come across a trustworthy broker that is capable of providing efficient service and fair returns. Here is my own personal feedback about Eclipse Finance:

Eclipse Finance website – Site Design and Navigation

One of the most noticeable aspects of Eclipse Finance is its simplicity. It doesn’t employ screen fancy to entice visitors to join in or take a tour. Its site opens up to a free registration form that’s easy for any would­be trader to fill out. However simple, the website is surprisingly easy to navigate and use. All the processes from registration to actual trading are simplified, and unlike other platforms, it only takes as low as a $100 for a new trader to be able to start trading.

Everything is accessible at the opening page – from opening an account to learning binary options trading.

What’s more interesting about their website is its offering of a binary Trading Academy courses in 15 major languages.

Eclipse Finance Trading Academy


The site is equipped with a Daily Market Analysis Review page that updates traders with the latest information that is relevant to the financial market. This can help to make traders give the correct prediction about the price movement of their preferred underlying asset.

Daily market review

The Platform

Eclipse Finance utilizes a binary trading platform that is distinct and different from common binary options brokers that exist in the market today. It has its own attributes that keeps it above the rest. Its platform was developed by Panda Trading Systems Ltd. (Panda TS), a software developer that is an expert in developing applications for the financial industry. Their customized solutions for the binary and forex trading have made them the leading provider of software solutions in the financial market. The Panda TS is a versatile system that allows traders to access essential trading tools. It is also capable of running binary options trading program both on desktop and mobile communications or computing devices.

Its low minimum deposit and generous payouts of up to 95% make Eclipse Finance one of the best trading platforms in the market today.

Trading Account Types

With its five different types of accounts, Eclipse Finance signifies its desire to be able to cater to the needs of traders depending on their level of expertise and investment capacity. For this reason, this platform offers the following account types:

 Account types eclipse finance

1. Discovery Account

This is the lowest account type. Traders who want to test the integrity and efficiency of Eclipse Finance may use this account. For a minimal amount of just $100 after registration, any trader will be able to trade with this platform. He/she is also entitled to the following benefits:

­ Welcome bonus of up to 25%

– Daily market review

­ Full time support of a dedicated personal account manager


2. Standard Account

This account is highly recommended for beginners. One can get a Standard Account by depositing

$750 ­ $3,499. This entitles a trader to:

­ Welcome bonus of up to 50%

­ Free Live Skype signals (with proven 80%+ success rate)

­ Three (3) $250 risk­free trades

­ Coaching from an expert trader


3. Pro­Trader Account

Registration for this account is limited. A trader can get this package by opening a $3,500 ­

$14,999 account with Eclipse Finance. This account entitles a trader to these benefits:

­ Welcome bonus of up to 100%

­ Free Live Skype signals (with proven 80%+ success rate)

­ Three (3) $1,000 risk­free trades

­ 3% monthly Cash Back

­ Free Apple iPad or Samsung’s Android equivalents



4. Excellency Account

Registration for this account is limited. A trader can obtain this package by opening a $15,000 ­

$99,000 account Eclipse Finance. This account enables the trader to avail benefits such as:

­ Welcome bonus of up to 150%

­ Free Live Skype signals (with proven 80%+ success rate) Diamond Package

­ Three (3) $1,500 risk­free trades

­ 7% monthly Cash Back

­ Free Apple iPhone or Samsung’s Android equivalents

­ Managed Account Packages: Micro­Pro


5. VIP Account

Registration for this account is limited. A VIP Investor Account, can be obtained by opening a

$100,000 ­ $3,000,000 account with Eclipse Finance. This entitles the trader all the benefits of

Excellency account plus:

­ Welcome bonus of up to 250%

­ Managed Account Packages: Premium­VIP Investor

­ Corporate Account Feature

­ Interest­bearing Account Feature

­ Funds protection and insurance of 5.5% to 9%

­ Free Mac Book Air or equivalent


You really won’t find many brokers out there (if any) who provide such a variety of different

services and promotions.


Asset Index

With plenty of popular asset types to choose from, traders at Eclipse­ will have no

problem to find a suitable opportunity to make some lucrative trades.

AUD/USDGoldTata SteelS&P500
GPB/USDSilverAMAT (Applied Materials Inc.)NASDAQUE FUTURES
AUD/CADCornBNP Paribas
EUR/AUDCoca Cola (US)
EUR/CHFJP Morgan Chase
Goldmann Sachs
HSBC Holdings ( London)
State Bank India


Eclipse Finance is fast becoming a leader in the binary options market. It has indeed made itself different from most trading platforms with its guarantee of same day withdrawals!!! This radical change has never been seen in the binary trading industry until the advent of Eclipse Finance, where your requests for withdrawal of funds or profits are guaranteed to be processed within 24 hours providing that all the identification documents have already been uploaded on the website. With this new system, traders need not wait for their funds. Eclipse Finance is a no-nonsense platform that guarantees the best possible British banking service.


Customer Support

When I registered at, they sent me an informative email with my account details as well as the current promotions they were offering at the time. On the same day, I also received a phone call from one of their customer service agents who welcomed me to the platform and assured me of their full support and has answered each and every question that I could think of at that time. As I made a quick tour of the site, I got an invitation from a member of the site’s live chat support team, telling me not to hesitate to speak with them in case I need help or assistance. Their warmth and friendliness was unique. I was really impressed with the knowledge, friendliness and supportiveness of the persons I had spoken with on Eclipse Finance. Their gesture of welcoming me and making sure that I am aware of their latest offers made me feel special and well-taken-cared-of.

Business Location

Eclipse Finance is a cut above the rest. It is a UK-registered platform which can give you an assurance of safer operations and reliable processing of release of payments. The company that had established it as a brand has a real office that’s located in the heart of London. Eclipse Finance is manned mostly by British teams, some of which are stationed in satellite-type locations around the world. This means Eclipse Finance is capable of providing 24-hour support to traders wherever they may be in the world. On top of that, you will never fail to notice the honest and transparent information that Eclipse Finance is known for. The way this binary trading platform makes these attributes available can surely encourage and inspire any broker to go further to seek greater results, whatever his experience or level of expertise in binary options trading may be.

The Bottom Line deserves a praise and a real all-around A* rating. It is a broker that puts what really counts as far as the consumers of its services are concerned. My trading experience at Eclipse Finance has been good and fairly rewarding. I’ve traded with Eclipse Finance for the last few months. So far, I’ve never encountered any problem putting in money and withdrawing funds from this trading platform.