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banc de binary

Introduction to Banc de Binary

With four global offices including its new European headquarters in Cyprus, Banc De Binary has been around long enough to be a major player in binary options trading. The company was founded in 2009, the year after binary options were listed by the Chicago Board of Trade and has worked tirelessly since then to secure its place as the premier binary options brokerage on the market. With a string of industry awards to its name Banc De Binary has also recently been granted the first European binary options license in the industry. This sets it apart from other companies offering similar products as the regulatory procedure it has had to undergo calls for full compliance to the very highest banking standards.

Banc De Binary Trading Overview

Binary options are a relatively new kind of financial instrument that are rapidly gaining ground among online traders. The great attraction of binary options is the way in which they have been simplified for the online market, also the way they level the field and reduce the traditional advantages of insiders, making trading such an exciting and rewarding experience for all. Also known as digital options, all-or-nothing options or fixed return options, binary options allow traders to make trades on all four basic asset classes by simply forecasting an underlying asset’s directionality rather than the magnitude of its change. Traders select the duration of the trade they wish to lock in (anything from 60 seconds up to six months) and then decide whether it is likely to rise (Call), or fall (Put) by the time of expiry. Another attractive feature of binary trading is that traders know in advance of each and every trade what the payout will be if successful and what their loss will be if unsuccessful, which provides a significant advantage in the management of risk capital. This is attracting many existing traders who have lost faith in traditional investment vehicles, and also new traders who would never risk their capital on traditional trading platforms due to their difficulty. The result is a rapidly expanding industry that is set to rival traditional foreign exchange trading in the next few years.

Trading Platforms

Banc De Binary offers a suite of five platforms that provide users with different levels of functionality.

Binary Options

Offering the ability to trade on a range of stocks, commodities, currencies and indices this is Banc De Binary’s default platform and the first point of entry for most binary traders. Traders can select from an array of options with set expiration times. It is really as simple as choosing Call or Put.

Banc de binary binary options platform

Option Builder:

Option Builder extends the functionality of the default Binary Options platform and allows more experienced traders to tinker with the parameters of a trade before locking it in. On this tab you can alter the duration of the trade you are about to make beyond the pre-set options available in the previous platform. You can also adjust the in-the-money/out-the-money ratio in this tab which is essential for traders who are starting to develop their own risk management strategies.

Bnac de binary options builder platofrm

 One Touch:

For those who like to take greater risks in order to make far bigger gains, One Touch is the perfect platform. It comes with a range of One Touch options that payout up to 500%. This is the place to test your proficiency in both technical and fundamental analysis, as well as those vital moments where you have seen something in the markets that other traders have failed to observe. When you’re trading against the crowd, One Touch is the place to capitalise on the individuality of your opinion.

60 Seconds:

For those times of high market volatility 60 Second trades can help you make significant gains on your risk capital. This platform offers all the functionality of the Binary Options tab but with 60 second trade expirations. It is perfect for aggressive traders and those who want to find out instantly whether they are in-the-money or not.


This fifth platform in Banc De Binary’s suite offers a tweaked version of the MT4 platform that Forex traders will be well familiar with. Essentially this platform offers traders the ability to observe an assets career in far higher resolution and adds to the features found in the other four platforms by providing traders with the option to close trades before expiry and sell them back to the company.

 Bance de binary meta platform

Banc de Binary Review:

As the leader in binary trading Banc De Binary has a number of advantages over other binary options brokers. Aside from an impressive range of tradable commodities, currencies, indices and stocks, the competitive lockout times and flexible deposit/withdrawal methods, Banc De Binary also offers  payouts between 65% – 91%, market-beating liquidity levels, tiered account structures and unparalleled gifts and rewards for serious investors. Add to this the fact that Banc De Binary is currently the only licensed binary options brokerage and you can see why traders are flocking to trade with the lion.

Banc de Binary offers over 200 assets that you can trade across Banc De Binary’s five platforms.


Banc De Binary’s trading platforms are currently available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Japanese. With the company’s ongoing commitment to reaching as many different traders in their native tongue this is set grow. The same goes for the languages spoken by their customer service teams.

Payout Percentages:

Between 65% – 91%, and One Touch options can pay up to 500%

Customer Service:

Customer Service is a big priority for Banc De Binary. It always was, but since going through the regulatory compliance procedure this has become increasingly evident. Their customer service teams are well staffed, highly trained and available at any time of the day or night via phone, email, live chat and Skype.


Banc De Binary is currently the big name in Binary Options. Their long-running experience and market share, coupled with the proficiency of their staff, their award-winning platforms and the generous gifts they offer their clients, all help make this firm the one to trade with at the time of writing. Add to this the security traders have in trading with a governmentally certified company and you have a winning combination.


banc de binary luxury giftsCurrently running a 100% Welcome Bonus. Banc De Binary offers match bonuses for Gold Reserve clients and above. A host of prizes including air miles, holidays, smartphones, and luxury watches are regularly shared with V.I.P account holders.






FSA Regulation

Congratulations to Banc De Binary who just became the first binary options broker to be regulated by the UK’s FSA. You can read the full article here.

CySEC Regulation

Recently the announcement that the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission would be licensing and regulating the trading of binary options came as big news in an industry that had previously operated completely unregulated. Hot on the heels of this announcement came the press conference held by Banc De Binary to announce that it was the first binary options brokerage to receive the licence. This gives it a significant advantage over all the other binary brokers currently operating without licences. The most obvious of these advantages is the security of conducting business with a company that has achieved government regulation. The regulatory procedure for firms offering financial products like binary options is extremely stringent. It relates to every facet of a company’s operations, from the size of its offices to the number of customer care representatives and their shift structures.

Banc De Binary has reinvigorated its entire work force during the run-up to regulation which means that its customers get the best possible service in the industry. The company’s market share is due to rapidly expand post-regulation since CySEC licensing allows the company to passport its services into any E.U member state. It is looking likely that by the time the first firms are regulated in Banc De Binary’s wake the company will have already received the even more highly prized U.K. FSA regulation thus cementing its reputation as the leader in binary options trading.

Interview for Banc De Binary Oren Laurent

What is Banc De Binary all about as a company?

Banc De Binary is all about giving power back to individual traders. Binary options level the playing field, making it just as easy for a home trader with a basic personal computer to capitalise on news events and market sentiment as it is for experienced traders with advanced market monitoring set-ups. It has been our goal from the very beginning to make trading simple and transparent, and since our trading platform went online we have made this a reality.

 Why should people trade binary options as opposed to Forex?

The main advantage binary options have over traditional Forex trading is their simplicity. Traders only need to be concerned with whether an underlying asset will rise or fall, rather than correctly predicting the precise level it will reach. Also with binary options you have pre-calculated risk, so before you even lock-in a trade you know how much you stand to gain or lose depending on the outcome. With Forex, a losing trade can quickly decimate your risk capital and leave you exposed.

Is binary options trading closer to Forex or to gaming?

Both binary options and Forex trading couldn’t be further away from gambling. I see how people can confuse the two but anybody who has ever traded will tell you that they are two completely different worlds. Successful traders are experts in synthesising knowledge, observing correlations and recognising patterns. While gamblers may feel they are doing something similar what they are really doing is projecting the above techniques over what is essentially a random walk. The movement of assets is completely different. The simplest way to put it is to explain that with the roll of a dice, the next outcome has absolutely nothing to do with the previous roll. In trading the next outcome is directly linked to previous market behavior.

What differentiates you from your competitors?

We believe a great deal differentiates us from the rest of the field. For one we have the most experience in brokering binary options, after all we got here first. Our company also offers the most competitive payout range in the industry, the greatest number of assets and the highest liquidity. Beyond this we currently employ some of the most talented brokers in the industry, so their expertise directly crosses over to the trading activities of our clients. Last but certainly not least we are now the only licensed and regulated broker of binary options in the industry.

Do you believe in offering bonuses and promotions?

We certainly do. We have a tiered account structure depending on the amount our clients wish to initially invest. Depending on the specific account clients qualify for 100% match bonuses, privileged trading signals, and a host of luxury gifts including air miles, holidays, smartphones, luxury watches and much more.

How would you reassure our readers who may be a little nervous about getting involved with binary options trading?

I would encourage them to have a look at our educational materials. We have a wealth of information for prospective clients including tutorials, broker interviews, market reviews, strategic guides and they are available in a variety of formats including text, audio and video. We believe that only an educated trader can fully take advantage of our platforms and so we want to make sure that before a customer registers with us and deposits money into their account, they are fully aware of what is involved.

What type of traders do you cater for?

The beauty of binary options is that they attract the whole trading spectrum. Because the simplicity of the product levels the playing field, we are finding that a large number of traders who would never have even considered trading on the online Forex platforms are attracted to binary options. But we also have a solid contingent of well-established veterans of the industry who are better equipped to take advantage of some of the more advanced features on our platforms

What advice would you give new traders?

Educate yourselves before trading, you should have at least a rudimentary understanding of the markets and how they work, as well as the movements of the four asset classes we offer trades on. Also practice, we offer a free $50,000 demo account with each initial deposit for a reason, and that is to allow you to practice with demo money before risking your hard earned cash on the world’s markets. Finally read the news, if you have committed yourself to trading you should make market news a part of your breakfast routine every single day. No self-respecting trader goes without it.

What do you personally trade?

I have a Forex background so currency trading is my strong point, but commodity trading complements that too. My favourite currency pair is USD/CHF, which I use as a surrogate for gold when interesting things are happening to the U.S economy. Also Corn is a big mover and shaker nowadays with so much of the U.S crop going towards the production of ethanol.

 Does Banc De Binary have any exciting plans in the near future?

We do indeed. We are very proud to have recently been awarded a license by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This is the first license of its kind to be granted to a binary options brokerage and is big news for the industry. We foresee that many of our competitors will now attempt to follow suit and become regulated, which is very good for the industry as a whole. We’re also making improvements to the trading platform and user interface at the moment, and will be expanding our customer loyalty program.

 What do you see happening in the future of binary options trading?

The signs are enormously encouraging. We have seen unimpeded growth in this industry since we began and it shows every sign of continuing unabated. We are still a relatively new market, but having said that, I genuinely believe that binary options will be in a position to challenge online Forex within the next 3-4 years.